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Mind My Ring


Mind My Ring is a must-have assistant for the use of the contraceptive ring Nuvaring®.The app will send you notifications to remind you to insert and remove the ring and even to buy a new one. You will decide which notifications you receive and when you receive them.
Thanks to the handy calendar, you can view the dates when you are using the ring, both in the current month and in the following ones.
Furthermore, it allows you to customize the length of the interruption period, as well as to re-schedule the calendar on the fly to accommodate your needs.
Mind My Ring minds your privacy as well: you can lock the access to the app with a PIN and hide the content of the notifications when a secure lock screen is enabled.
Also, you can either receive brief notifications or enable the Alarm Clock mode*; discretion is under your full control.
Stop minding. Be carefree.
*Available as In-App purchase.
For all the international users, if you care to have this app translated in your language, please visit . If your language isn't listed, email the developer.